Ken and Barb FranciscoBear Creek Outfitters is owned and operated by Ken and Barb Francisco. Both were raised by sportsmen families, recognizing outdoor recreation as an adventure and an experience of a lifetime.

For over 30 years, they have sustained a respectable reputatuion as guides, sportsmen and outfitters. Of course being raised with outdoor recreation as a way of life, a cultural necessity and heritage, they have maintained a progressive and prospering Outfitting business.

Bear Creek Outfitters is a family-owned-and-operated business where their son and daughters have been raised with the proper ethics and skills necessary for operating such a business.

On the way to hunting camp.Although every business has its complexities, this one is based on a simpler policy: Tradition, Heritage and a Way of Life. This sets it apart from others by the simple fact that they do what they love…and they LOVE what they do!