“Ken-Thanks again for such a great hunt! It was an interesting week, but well worth it. I’m looking forward to getting the bear back from Damon. Please give Barbara my thanks for the terrific hospitality and tell Dwayne that I really appreciated him going above and beyond, especially going into the brush after the bear. If you ever need a reference, feel free to have potential clients call me. Thanks!” Eric

“Barb-You folks did a wonderful job again to give us another hunt of a lifetime. I really appreciate it and can’t thank you enough. The time you spend with all the arrangements, the gear and all of the details is just incredible. The work that goes into maintaining the pack string and the training of the horses and mules, is something that is an art itself. The pack trip in and out of the Selway, for me, has been certainly one of the highlights of the trip. Please convey this to Ken, too, as I know he takes a lot of pride in his string.” Andrea

“Ken, Barb, Jesse, Mack and Sam-Been thinking about you guys a lot lately, knowing that hunting season is practically on you. Just wanted to say I hope you guys have a great hunting season, the best you’ve ever had. Think about my hunt a lot, and how awesome it was. Still aprreciate all you guys did for me. Still a very satisfied hunter.” Darren

“My husband and I took a summer trip with Bearcreek Outfitters a few years ago. It was outstanding! It was so beautiful and relaxing. Barb and Ken Francisco are the perfect hosts. They make sure you have everything you need and cater to your every whim! We were awakened each morning with fresh camp coffee and the wonderful smell of breakfast cooking. Then we were off for our daily adventures, whether it was hiking and picking berries, horn hunting, picture taking or fishing in the clearest most beautiful stream (we could swim in the fishing hole and my husband was still pulling fish out one after the other!) We had an amazing picnic on a gorgeous sandy beach by that stream. The evenings were full of star gazing and story telling after the incredible dinner and bottle of wine. We were so impressed and cannot recommend Bearcreek Outfitters enough!” Mark and Kelly

“Barb-You are the best cook and you always made me feel at home each and every time I came up to hunt. I have been hunting over 30 years mostly with guides, you, Ken and all of the Bearcreek Outfitter employees are the most professional and experienced hunting guides. I enjoyed every moment during the last 6 seasons that I hunted with Bearcreek Outfitters.” Mohammad

“Ken and Barb-Thanks for sending me a pamphlet of your guide service. I am gracious to be honored by incorporating my picture in the trophies of a lifetime. The elk hangs upon my livingroom wall to remind me daily of the great hunt of my lifetime thay you made possible. I hope your service is going great and I hope to hunt with you again someday. I would like to thank you and your family for the wonderful hospitality and the great hunt.” Kevin

“Hi Barb-I just wanted to drop you a line. We all had a great time last week. The part of the country you live in is beautiful. It was very hard to return to New York (yuck). From what I experienced of the summer camping/fishing, you run a very first-rate business. I hope to one day be able to return for a fall hunt myself with Bob. Thanks again for everything.” Terese

“Ken and Barb-We had the time of our lives. thank you for show us a little piece of heaven. All the best.” Bob

“Hello Barb and Ken-Just wanted to say thanks for everything. I had a wonderful eye opener. The elk were a little hard to get at, but thats the breaks. Next hunt I would like to go on would be early when you can call them in, or late when they are down off the top of the mountain. I’m pleased to say that Jim and Carson were fine men and took care of us well. I worked Jim pretty hard and he never gave up. The physical challenge was great and I hiked my rear off. All said, you guys have a great outfitting service and I would definitely come back. Thanks for the great time!” Monte

“To All-Grateful for all each of you have done to give me a great experience and share a part of your world. Do wish you all the best and hope to hear from the gang at Bearcreek very soon. The very best.” Brad

“Ken, Barb, Carson and Jesse-Thank you for making my hunting trip so wonderful. I experienced so much, from the beauty to the horse ride. All of you are first class and do an excellent job. We hope to come again soon. Jesse, as well as the complete crew, made this unsuccessful hunt a memorable experience. Thanks!” Dennis